• IdentificationMSCBT0014
  • TitleChicago Board of Trade Records: Series III - Fred H. Clutton secretary correspondence MSCBT0014
  • PublisherSpecial Collections
  • LanguageEnglish
  • RepositorySpecial Collections
  • Physical Description169.5 Linear feet This series contains 398 Hollinger boxes, 3 oversize boxes, and 2 oversize folders.
  • Date
    • Bulk, 1927-1946
    • 1886-1957
  • LocationThe oversize items are shelved in B-242, Bay 8.

Processed by Cory Davis, John Rosen, Lindsay Menard, and Kit Fluker November 2010-October 2011. Finding aid by Kit Fluker. Edited and encoded by Jae Lurie April 2012.

[Collection Title], Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago

The records of the Chicago Board of Trade at the University of Illinois at Chicago are closed for 50 years from the date of record creation. Please contact Special Collections before visiting to ensure that the materials are available to the public.

The Chicago Board of Trade records were received by Special Collections and University Archives in numerous accessions between 1968 and 2000.

Materials from accessions 1968-113, 69-11, 72-44, 72-48, 74-16, 74-33, 75-68, 76-115, 77-53, 77-89, 78-91, 79-42, 81-21, 81-22, 81-23, 81-49, 81-110, 82-46, 83-50, 83-51, 84-28, 84-41, 84-42, 85-29, 86-3, 86-4, 86-5, 86-16, 86-17, 86-18, 91-11, 91-24, 92-11, 92-19, 93-1, 93-21, 93-30, 95-28, 97-2, 97-14, 97-32, 98-2, and 2000-37 were merged into one collection. Materials from each accession may be described in this finding aid.

Files are arranged alphabetically by year; some sequential years are combined. Exceptions to alphabetical order are noted in the container list. Alphabetization is not always consistent. For example, United States Department of Agriculture files from 1935 to 1936 are under A for Agriculture as well as under D for Department. Some letters are missing from the files for 1927 to 1930.

Boxes 717-747 and 1085-1114 are also listed in the container lists for James J. Fones' and William Bosworth's secretary correspondence, respectively.

There are oversize materials associated with this series. They are listed at the end of the container list.

Some file headings are listed below:

Agricultural Adjustment Administration

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) (also under D and US)

-- Grain Futures Administration (also under G)

Agricultural legislation

Annual election

Annual report

Bache and Co.

Ballot voting


-- Special Barley Committee

Bartlett Frasier Co.


Bennet, James - chair, Cotton Committee

Broadcasting schedules

Broomhall, J.D. - representative of Corn Trade News

Buffalo Corn Exchange

Business Conduct Committee


-- Canadian government

Carey, Peter B. - president

Chamber of Commerce (also under US)

Chicago Association of Commerce

Chicago Board of Trade Safe Deposit Box Co.

Chicago Curb Exchange

Chicago Open Board

Chicago Stock Exchange

Cincinnati Board of Trade

Claims and Insolvencies Committee

Clearing Corporation

Commodity Exchange Authority (CEA)

Clutton, Fred H.

Code Authority - Grain Committee on National Affairs

Coe, Frank G.

Commodity Credit Corporation

Federal Communications Commission



-- Special Corn Committee

-- futures

-- corn meal

-- stocks


-- Cotton Committee

-- margins

Directors' file


Duluth Board of Trade

Office of Economic Stabilization

Executive Committee

Farmers National Grain Corporation

Faroll, Barnett

Floor tickets

Flour stocks

Gampell, Sydney S.

National Grain and Feed Dealers Association

Grain Committee on National Affairs

Association of Grain Commission Merchants

Grain Exchange Code

Grain Futures Administration (also under USDA)

Grain warehouses (also under W)

Harris, Siebel C. - Harris, Burrows and Hicks

Hoit, Lowell

Hours of trading

Howard, Bartels, and Co.


Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Illinois Commerce Commission

Illinois legislature

Internal Revenue Service

Joint accounts

Kansas City Board of Trade

Kiplinger, W.M. - Kiplinger and Babson, Washington Business Representatives

Kirkland, Fleming, Green and Martin (changed to Kirkland, Fleming, Green, Martin and Ellis in 1936)

Literature (requests for publications)



Marsh and McLennan

Membership quotations


-- prospective

-- requests for quotations of

-- requests for information for the selling of

Military service

Millers' National Federation

Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce

Milwaukee Grain and Stock Exchange

Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce

National Grain Trade Council

National Recovery Administration (NRA)

-- Codes of Fair Competition (see also individual commodities, Code Authority, and Grain Exchange Code)

New Orleans Cotton Exchange

New York Cotton Exchange

New York Produce Exchange

New York Stock Exchange


O'Brien, Philip R. - president

Office of Price Administration (also under P)

Parity prices

Press releases

Press tickets

Proposed changes in rules

Provisions Committee

Public Relations Committee


Real Estate Committee



Rotary Club of Chicago

Rule 222

Rules Committee

-- adjustments

-- rulings

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


-- legislation

-- trading

Sole owners


-- ceilings

-- Soybeans Committee


St. Louis Merchants Exchange

Supreme Court decisions



-- taxes on futures

Templeton, Kenneth S. - chairman, Weighing and Custodian Committee; president, CBOT

Thomson and McKinnon

Tumulty, Joseph P. - Tumulty and Tumulty

Uhlmann Grain Co.

United States (US)

-- Chamber of Commerce (also under C)

-- CEA (also under C)

-- Congress (also under C)

-- SEC (also under S)

-- governmental affairs

-- senate bills

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) (also under A and D)

Wage-Hour law

Office of War Information


-- grain warehouses (also under G)

-- provisions warehouses (also under P)

-- warehouse bonds

Warehouse Committee

War Food Administration

Weighing and Custodian Committee

Western Union


-- ceilings

-- export program

-- loans

Winnipeg Grain Exchange

Wood, John C. - chairman, Provisions Committee

Wright, Dr. Ivan - University of Illinois

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) was started in 1848 by a small group of Chicago businessmen. The exchange was formed to help structure the grain trade in the Midwest. Before the Chicago Board of Trade came into being, the market for grain was extremely volatile with prices high in the winter and low in the summer, resulting in poor economic conditions for farmers. The early Board of Trade helped to create stable economic conditions for regional farmers and also worked to create standards and grades for various grains along with inspection processes to help ensure buyers received the goods for which they had paid. In 1859 the Illinois legislature granted the Chicago Board of Trade a charter allowing self-regulation. By 1865 the CBOT had a permanent location in the Chicago Chamber of Commerce Building and about 150 members. The Chicago Board of Trade was governed by its members and an elected Board of Directors. Rules and Regulations regarding day-to-day activities of the exchange were amended frequently as the organization responded to the issues of the time. The established organization of the Board of Trade in its early years was mostly maintained over time with revisions to rules and additions and subtractions to the organization based upon the economic, political, and technological climate at the time.

This record group consists of Fred H. Clutton's files from 1928 to 1946, when he served as secretary of the Chicago Board of Trade. The material is mostly correspondence, but also includes copies of legislation and commentary on legislation, contracts, briefs, and other legal documents, booklets, pamphlets, speeches, articles, newsletters, and press releases. A large amount of the correspondence relates to general information requests, violations of rules and regulations, updates of member information, and notifying members of decisions made by the Board of Directors. Also present is correspondence with other commodity exchanges, national organizations, and regulatory agencies such as the Grain Futures Administration (until 1936) and the Commodity Exchange Authority (CEA) (after 1936). Clutton's tenure as secretary spanned the Great Depression and World War II, and this record group documents the reactions of the Board of Trade and the securities industry as a whole to New Deal legislation and policies. The record group includes materials relating to New Deal and wartime agencies such as the National Recovery Administration and the Office of Price Administration.

Files from 1927 and 1928 (boxes 717 to 747) include some records of Clutton's predecessor, CBOT secretary James L. Fones. A large amount of correspondence in this record group was delegated to Clutton's assistant secretaries, Walter S. Blowney (1928 to 1929) and William Bosworth (1929 to 1946). Files from 1946 (boxes 1085 to 1114) include some of Bosworth's records that were created after Clutton's death, when Bosworth was acting secretary.

Clutton sat on the Board of Directors of the University Club of Chicago, and box 891 contains club records from 1933 and 1934.

Fred H. Clutton was Chicago Board of Trade secretary from 1928 until his death in 1946. Previously, he was employed at Butler Brothers, a wholesale mail-order company and retailer, where he worked as assistant to the president and as company secretary. He was president of the Northwestern University Club of Chicago from 1925 to 1927.

  • Names
    • Blowney, Walter S.
    • Bosworth, William
    • Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America.
    • Chicago Board of Trade.
    • Clutton, Fredrick
    • Commodity Credit Corporation.
    • Fones, James J.
    • Grain Committee on National Affairs.
    • Kirkland & Ellis (Firm).
    • National Grain & Feed Association.
    • United States. Agricultural Adjustment Act 1933.
    • United States. Commodity Exchange Act.
    • United States. Commodity Exchange Administration.
    • United States. Department of Agriculture.
    • United States. Grain Futures Administration.
    • United States. National Recovery Administration.
    • United States. Office of Price Administration.
    • United States. Securities and Exchange Commission.
    • University Club of Chicago.
  • Subject
    • Barley.
    • Commodity exchanges--Law and legislation.
    • Commodity exchanges.
    • Commodity futures.
    • Corn.
    • Cotton.
    • Futures.
    • Grain.
    • Warehouses.
    • Wheat.
  • Geographic Coverage
    • Illinois--Chicago.
    • United States.