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Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Chicago records, ca. 1929-2003.

Complaint files, correspondence, memos and other papers, statistical summaries, radio scripts, and sound recordings, relating to the daily activities of BBB/Chicago, such as sponsoring educational programs for its membership of businesses and organizations, monitoring and helping to regulate fair...

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Chicago Seed (newspaper) records

Sundry mailings, underground press announcements and brochures, a few letters, and other office files of Seed Publishing Company, publishers of the Chicago Seed, an alternative newspaper. Topics include the 1968 Democratic Convention demonstrations in Chicago, the civil rights movement, rights of...

Collection of photographs by Michael Vollan, 1968-approximately 1970.

Black-and-white and color photographic digital prints (11 x 14 in.) showing the 1968 Democratic Convention demonstrations in Chicago (5 items), a 1970 rally in support of the students and victims of the Kent State University shootings (2 items), and unidentified demonstrations held in Chicago (3 ...

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Guide to DePaul University Student Affairs Athletics Records

Athletic competition is a long standing tradition at DePaul, and this collection contains ephemera related to a wide range of sports, from football teams of the early 1900s to modern day basketball. For a quick introduction to the history of DePaul football, a chronology transcribed from the DePa...

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Judge Walter J. LaBuy papers, 1931-1964

Judge Walter J. LaBuy (1889-1967) practiced law in Chicago from 1912 until his election the circuit court in 1933. Appointed to the U.S. District Court in 1944, Judge LaBuy presided over a famous antitrust case pitting the United States vs. E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company in 1954. Judge LaBuy'...

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Richard H. Newhouse, Jr. papers, 1953-1997, bulk 1963-1995

Correspondence, reports, news clippings, speeches, legal documents, biographical materials, and other papers of Richard H. Newhouse, Illinois State Senator, 1967-1989, from Chicago's South Side. Topics include discriminatory employment practices, especially in the construction industry; educati...

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Scrapbook no. XIX (19), 1890- 1892, 1919.

Contains articles from newspapers and magazines as well as pamphlets. Subjects include Catholic history, Indian schools, education legislation, the League of Nations, and Chicago's World Fair.

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World's Columbian Exposition and other lantern slides, 1893-1900.

Collection includes lantern slides showing scenes of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago (Ill.). Many views were photographed by the official fair photographer, C.D. Arnold, and show typical views. Some views show paintings and sculpture at the fair, people at the fair, and seve...

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