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Abbott, Edith and Grace. Papers, 1870-1967

Edith Abbott received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1905 and was a resident of Hull House until 1920. She served as Associate Director of the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy at the University of Chicago and also served as dean. She died in 1957. Grace Abbott received her P...

Alma Birmingham papers, 1907-1961

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Alma Birmingham was a Hull-House resident, a pianist and music teacher at the Hull-House Music School, 1922-42. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, recital programs, clippings and paintings. The materials pertain to music at Hull-House...

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Alma Petersen papers, 1943-1972

Alma Schmidt Petersen (b. 1894) held a variety of executive positions in Chicago area civic organizations in the middle of the Twentieth Century. A protege of Louise deKoven Bowen, Petersen was invited to join the Board of Trustees of the Hull-House Association in 1943 and later served as its Pre...

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Bertha E. Schlotter papers, 1916-1970

The collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings, articles, pamphlets, correspondence, and speeches. The materials pertain to Hull-House, Neva Leona Boyd, recreation, and the developmentally disabled.

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Bob Sickinger Papers, 1934-1985

Press reviews and photographs of Hull House Theater productions directed by Bob Sickinger, 1963-1969, together with copies of Sickinger's 1963 essay on the state of theater in Chicago and his press release regarding his involuntary departure from Hull House in 1969. Also a few programs, press rel...

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Breckinridge, Sophonisba P. Papers, 1905-1949

Sophonisba P. Breckinridge (1866-1948) was a social scientist and social work educator. The papers include manuscripts of her unfinished autobiography which describes residents at Hull House; correspondence; newspaper clippings; data from a study on Americanization (1918-1919); and sales and roya...

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Charles Phineas Schwartz papers, 1915-1970

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Charles P. Schwartz (1887-1975) was an attorney, civic leader, and educator in the social welfare movement. Schwartz served as chairman of the State of Illinois Committee on Citizenship and Naturalization and wrote many pamphlets for new citizens. Schw...

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Chicago Federation of Labor records

Meeting minutes, 1903-1922, of the Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL); broadsides containing lists of dues paid by local unions to the CFL and other reports, 1911-1918; office files of the CFL, ca. 1890s-1940s, containing letters, notes, reports, etc., mostly during the presidency of John Fitzpatr...

Dewey Roscoe Jones papers.

The collection contains newspaper articles, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and memorabilia documenting the personal and professional lives of Dewey Roscoe Jones and his wife, Faith Jefferson Jones Killings.

Dorothy Sigel papers, 1912-2002

Dorothy (Mittelman) Sigel (1900-2000) was an actress and social activist with a long association with Hull-House.This collection reflects Dorothy Sigel's relationship to Jane Addams, Edith de Nancrede, and the Hull-House Theater.

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Eleanor and Gertrude Smith papers, ca. 1890s - 1930s

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Eleanor Smith was the director of the Hull-House music school from 1893 until 1935. In addition to teaching music, Eleanor Smith composed music for her students. She was head of the Department of Vocal Music in the Cook County Normal School until comin...

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Eric Hjorth collection, 1900-1929

Eric Hjorth was a Chicago little theater actor. The collection contains programs, newspaper clippings, and tributes to Laura Dainty Pelham, the founder and director of the Hull-House Players.

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Florence Scala collection, 1963-1991

Florence Scala (1918-2007) was the daughter of an Italian tailor and grew up on the Near West Side, in Chicago's nineteenth ward. She was educated at Hull-House and later became a volunteer there. In 1959, when the City of Chicago suggested the site of Hull-House to build a new campus of the Univ...

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Frances Molinaro papers, 1900-1985

Social worker Frances Molinaro (1896-1986) had a forty-seven year involvement with the Hull-House settlement house in Chicago, first as a volunteer and later as an employee. collection includes a photograph album containing photos taken in and around the University of Chicago settlement house, ca...

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Frank Keyser papers, 1896-1946

Frank Keyser was the superintendent of the Hull-House building complex. The collection includes a newspaper clipping scrapbook, business and calling cards, invitations and a flyer.

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George Estevez Papers, 1968-1998

Clippings, correspondence, flyers, photographs, and programs of George Estevez, founder and director of the Choral Ensemble of Chicago. Originally called the Chicago Chamber Choir and founded at the Jane Addams Hull House Center, the choir later moved to St. Paul's United Church of Christ and rem...

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Helen Culver Ewing Breasted papers, 1931-2000

Helen Culver Ewing [Breasted] and her sister Katherine Everts Ewing [Hocking] worked as volunteers at the Hull-House settlement house in Chicago during the winter of 1931-1932. This collection consists of photocopies of eleven letters written by Helen Culver Ewing to her parents Mary Everts Ewing...

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Helen Tieken Geraghty papers, 1931-1968

Helen Tieken Geraghty (1902-1987) was a producer of historical pageants and industrial shows as well as a theater educator in Chicago. This collection contains scripts, budgets, attendance records, photographs, theater programs, set designs, blueprints, costume drawings, clippings, reports and sc...

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Hilda Satt Polacheck papers, 1907-1992

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Writer and activist, Hilda Satt Polacheck (1882-1967) emigrated from Poland to Chicago's Near West Side in 1892. As a child, Hilda Satt benefited from the programs and classes at Hull-House. As an adult, she continued her association with the settlemen...

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Hull House Association records, 1889-1999

In 1963, Hull-House, the world-famous social settlement house founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr, moved from its original location in the Near West Side of Chicago and decentralized its services. The newly restructured Hull House Association became the administrative entity overseeing a...

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Hull-Culver Family papers, 1848-1948

Businesswoman Helen Culver, acting in the name of her deceased cousin, Charles Jerold Hull, made substantial philanthropic contributions to several Chicago institutions. The collection consists of photocopies of correspondence, newspaper clippings and reports about the business affairs of Charles...

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Hull-House Centennial Program collection, 1989-1990

The collection consists of video records of panels and talks for the Hull House Centennial Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago during the 1989-1990 academic year.

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Hull-House collection, 1889-1991

Hull-House, founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr, was the first social settlement in Chicago. The settlement was incorporated in March, 1895, with a stated purpose to "provide a center for higher civic and social life, to initiate and maintain educational and philanthropic enterpr...

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Hull-House Oral History collection, 1974-2002

The Hull-House Oral History collection contains a series of oral history recordings and transcripts dating 1974-2002, reflecting reminiscence of Jane Addams and the activities of the Chicago settlement house.

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