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Chicagoland-in-pictures slides 1983 donation, 1961-1983 (bulk 1982-1983).

Images, mostly made September 1982-March 1983 (but some date as early as 1961), by these photographers: Howard Anderson, Charles Johnson, Jim Lattimer, H. Michgelson, Casey Prunchunas, Robert Reiter, and Jack Schwab. Views include demolition of buildings at Cabrini Green; activities on Calumet ha...

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Chicagoland-in-pictures slides 1986 donation, 1970-1986 (bulk 1985-1986).

Images, mostly made Sept. 1985- March 1986 (but some date as early as 1970), by these photographers: Donna Abernathy, Wanda Christal, Marnie Cummings, Jeanne Halama, Karl Hofmeister, Joseph Kazamura, Robert O. Lewis, Helen Lynch, Tom McNamara, Bruce Malmin, John J. Mariana, Gordon Mather, Dorothy...

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