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Archie Lieberman Collection, 1950-2003

Archie Lieberman (1926-2008), of Chicago, Illinois, was a photographer for magazines, advertising, and corporations, including Look magazine, Time, Life, and Collier's. The collection demonstrates Lieberman's professional work for many decades as a photographer, author, and photojournalist. The e...

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Gallery 312 Collection, 1973-2005

Gallery 312 was founded in 1994 by Lewis S. and Anne Neri Kostiner as a nonprofit art organization at 312 North May Street in Chicago, Illinois. The Gallery focused on the development of local artists and exhibited works by local and international artists alike. The Gallery 312 Collection is a st...

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John R. Fischetti Collection, 1945-1980

John R. Fischetti (1916-1980) worked as an editorial and political cartoonist for over thirty years and was employed by several prestigious publications including Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Times, The New York Herald Tribune, and Stars & Stripes. This collection of Fische...

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