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Alice Fordyce photograph collection, 1933-1934.

Includes photographs of Century of Progress murals, sculpture and architectural decorations created by Chicago artists Lorado Taft, Edouard Chassaing, Alfonse Iannelli, John Norton, and other nationally known artists. Also includes photographs of two Parisian doorways in the art deco style by Fre...

American Terra Cotta Company photograph collection, ca. 1890-1915.

Photographs of terra cotta ornamentation executed by Louis H. Sullivan and George G. Elmslie for American Terra Cotta Company. Photographs were sent to architects for approval before casting or modeling and were also kept in job files.

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C.D. Arnold photograph albums of World's Columbian Exposition construction, 1891-1892.

Photographs depict the construction of exhibition buildings at various stages of completion, the creation of sculptural ornament, and tradesmen in the process of work or posed informally on construction sites.

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Central Manufacturing District photograph collection, 1939-1962.

Consists of views of industries located on 37th, 39th, and 47th Streets in the Central Manufacturing District (Chicago, Ill.). A wide range of industries are shown, including the box, chemical, food, furniture, lumber, machine, and metallurgical industries. The images show exterior views of the b...

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Chicago School of Design film out-takes, [ca. 1940-1944]

Film compiled from out-takes of films made at the Chicago School of Design under the supervision of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy.

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Chicago stories, [ca. 2002-2003]

Documentary videos and interviews about Chicago history and social groups. John Callaway served as interviewer and narrator. Many images show collection items of the Chicago Historical Society. Topics include politicians, activists, laborers, athletes, people in arts and entertainment, philanthro...

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Fritz W. Albert photograph collection, [ca. 1895-1935]

Portraits of Chicago terra cotta artist and designer Fritz Wilheim Albert and views of his work in his studio and in his sculpture garden in the yard of his apartment building on Sherwood Terrace (later renamed Cuyler Street), views of his apartment building, views of him in the sculpture garden ...

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Hedrich-Blessing photograph collection, part 1, [ca. 1929-1989, bulk 1933-1969]

Photographic archives of the first 40 years of work produced by Hedrich-Blessing, a Chicago photography studio that specializes in architectural and design photography. Images primarily show interior and exterior views of buildings and structures, including office buildings, industrial buildings,...

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Hedrich-Blessing photograph collection, part 2, [ca. 1969-1989, bulk 1970-1979]

Photographic archive of primarily 1970s work produced by Hedrich-Blessing, a Chicago-based commercial photography firm specializing in architectural and design photography. Images show exterior and interior views of buildings and structures, including commercial, cultural, educational, government...

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Northwestern Terra Cotta Company collection of photographs, [ca. 1900-1960]

Photographs of terra-cotta products and many of the buildings for which Northwestern Terra Cotta Company (NWTC) products were used; views and portraits of NWTC plants and workers, designers, modelers, and executives; and other miscellaneous materials. A few black-and-white photographs have hand-c...

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Northwestern Terra Cotta Company records

Correspondence, conference proceedings, order information, reports, minutes, copies of building plans, and financial statements of Northwestern Terra Cotta Company, as well as monographs, pamphlets, photographs, and newspaper clippings relating to the manufacture and use of terra cotta and relate...

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Robert Kostka photograph collection, 1947-1956.

Photographs of Chicago building details, mainly showing some form of decay; of three-dimensional models of exhibition or display units; and of non-objective sculpture by Kostka, instructor at the Institute of Design (Chicago, Ill.).

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Ron Gordon visual materials, 1971-2016

Black-and-white photographic negatives (approximately 780, 8 in. x 10 in. and smaller), 20 in. x 24 in. photographic prints (2,308), 4 in. x 5 in. photographic prints (5,195), and contact sheets (approximately 274); 8 in. x 10 in. color prints (6); and color transparencies (112, 4 in. x 5 in. a...

Sigmund J. Osty visual materials, 1960-1976

Black-and-white photographic prints depicting the built environment, predominantly in Chicago, but also Evanston, Skokie, and Galena, Illinois. All the images depict exterior views, the majority of which are street intersections, though the collection also documents streetscapes, residen...

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Visual materials from the Institute of Design, part 1, 1918-1949.

Collection includes images of activities, students, teachers, and facilities at the Institute of Desgin (ID) located at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Teachers include Harry Callahan, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and photographic historian Beaumont Newhall. Includes photographs or other work by Aut...

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William Francis Dummer photograph collection, ca. 1920's.

Views of the area around Chicago's Michigan Avenue at Huron Street and Superior Street, showing the demolition of residential buildings. Also includes views of the area around Oregon (Ill.), including the Rockford Artists Colony, Blackhawk Statue and Lowden Memorial State Park.

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