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Gads Hill Center visual materials, ca. 1900-1970s

Visual materials primarily relating to the activities, facilities, and people serving and using the Gads Hill Settlement House. The bulk of the collection consists of images of children of all ages. Many of the photographic prints are small snapshots (3 x 5 in. or smaller). Activities show...

Gerri Oliver papers

Fliers, tickets, menus, business cards, photos, publications, and newspaper clippings collected by Gerri Oliver for her business The Palm Tavern, 446 E. 47th Street, Chicago (Ill.). The Palm Tavern opened in 1933, and Gerri Oliver became its owner in 1956. It sometimes featured jazz and blues mus...

John Alderson photograph collection, 1975.

Includes photographs, often candid, of musicians and dancers taken in Chicago blues night clubs by professional photographer Alderson.

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Miscellaneous Programmes vol. II, 1880-1902.

Scrapbook contains invitations, cards, programs, and tickets for lectures, events, commencements, banquets, competitions, plays, and Jubilees. Subjects include St. Louis University, St. Xavier College, St. Ignatius College, Marquette College, Creighton College, Detroit College, World's Columbian ...

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The Palm Tavern visual materials

Black-and-white photographic prints (18) and printed posters (15) collected by proprietor Gerri Oliver for display at The Palm Tavern, a bar located at 446 E. 47th Street in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago that often featured jazz and blues performances. Several photographs depict Oliver ...

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