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Documentary photographs by students at University of Illinois at Chicago, 1983-1986.

Photographs submitted for Art & Design course 269 taught by Robert Stiegler at UIC, Spring 1986. Photographs primarily show street scenes in residential areas, focusing on Bridgeport, Lakeview and Pilsen communities. Some photographs depict small businesses or restaurants and their owners. Others...

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Guide to Teresa Fraga Papers

This collection documents Fraga's participation in various community organizations in order to affect change in a neighborhood that faced urban decay, overcrowded schools, the stigmas of race and immigration, and few committed resources from the city. The papers also chronicle her personal journe...

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Roger Tobolt collection of records related to Southwest Chicago community organizations

Newsletters, campaign materials, certificates, notes, phonograph recordings, etc. collected by Roger Tobolt. The collection includes newsletters from miscellaneous Southwest Side community organizations and churches; materials from the Latino Institute of Chicago; campaign materials from Virginia...

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