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Columbia Chronicle

The Columbia Chronicle is the student newspaper of Columbia College Chicago. The content of this publication was originally combined with the Alumni newsletters, but beginning in the 1970s, it became an independent source. This collection consists entirely of the student newspapers published by t...

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Sherwood Community Music School, 1875-2011

The Sherwood Community Music School at Columbia College Chicago began as the Sherwood Music School in 1895 and was a degree-granting institution for musicians, a hub for the students of music distance education, and a community music school offering lessons and programs for musicians of all ages....

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William Russo Collection, 1950-2005

William "Bill" Russo (1928-2003) was a composer, conductor, musician, teacher, and author of Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, Russo was the founder of the Chicago Jazz Ensemble at Columbia College Chicago, the founder and Director of Chicago Free Theater, and the director of High School Jazz Fest...

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