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Association for Family Living records, 1926-1967

The Association for Family Living was an educational agency in Chicago concerned with improving marriage and family life. This collection covers the history and activities of the Chicago based Association for Family Living from its inception in 1926 through 1967.

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Changing Chicago project photographs by Meg Gerken, 1987-1988.

Images of two families: one extended-family living in the Henry Horner Homes on the 1800 block of West Washington Street, a Chicago Housing Authority public housing project, and one small family living in a Chicago suburb. Images show family members in various interactions. Includes scenes of bir...

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Chase House (Chicago, Ill.) records

Annual reports, board meeting minutes, correspondence, surveys, reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, daily schedules, applications, forms, and photographs of the Chase House, a daycare center for preschool children in Chicago (Ill.). The materials mostly pertain to the daycare's general act...

Chicago Area Project photograph collection, 1930-1978.

Photoprints relating to inner-city neighborhood programs to prevent and treat juvenile delinquency. Includes shots of staff-members Clifford Shaw, Henry McKay, and Peter Scalise; scenes of youth programs such as the Italian Welfare Council's Jolly Boys Camp (Pistakee Bay, McHenry County, Ill.), R...

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Chicago Commons Association collection of additional photographs, [ca. 1896-1979]

Includes photographs documenting people, facilities and activities of the CCA. Adults and children are shown participating in educational groups, theatrical productions and a few athletic activities. Women are shown in group portraits and doing handicraft. Identified ethnic groups are Italian, No...

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Descriptive inventory for the Institute for Juvenile Research (Ill.) life histories collection, ca. 1921-1949, bulk 1929-1933 (partially processed collection)

The IJR records include written life histories compiled by the IJR, primarily dated 1929-1933 (although they range from 1921-1940s), and consisting of interviews with teenagers and young adults, most of whom were confined in Illinois detention facilities. The authors of the 133 life hist...

Edith and Grace Abbott collection, 1909-1951

Edith and Grace Abbott lived at Hull-House and were founders of the Immigrants' Protective League. The Edith and Grace Abbott collection consists of articles, book reviews, newspaper clippings, yearbook, letters, memorials, reports, addresses, and writings.

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Elsie P. Wolcott papers, 1906-1933

Elsie P. Wolcott was a social worker in Chicago and part of the larger circle of social reformers and activists surrounding Jane Addams. Wolcott studied under Edith Abbott at the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy. She researched practical problems faced by poor families such as food prese...

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Ethel and Irene Kawin papers, 1923-1969

Irene Kawin was a probation officer of the Juvenile Court of Cook County from 1913 to 1962, serving as deputy chief beginning in 1927. Ethel Kawin was a child psychologist who directed the Pre-School Department of the Institute for Juvenile Research from 1925 to 1934. The collection contains corr...

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Florence Kelley collection, 1894-1981

Florence Kelley (1859-1932) was a social worker, reformer, lawyer, suffragist, and confirmed socialist. In 1891, she left her husband and moved to Chicago with her three children to become a resident of Hull-House. In 1892, Kelley was appointed by Governer Atgeld as the state's first chief factor...

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Heinrick Bochmann's saloon and livery stable, [ca. 1894].

Views of interior and exterior of the saloon and livery stable owned by German immigrant Heinrich Bochmann or Bockmann (Henry Bockmann), located on the northeast corner of 12th Street and Halsted Street in Chicago (Ill.). The exterior view shows Bockmann with his wife Emma and children.

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Henry P. Chandler papers, 1922-1978

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Henry P. Chandler (1880-1975) was a Chicago lawyer and the first director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. Chandler received his law degree from the University of Chicago in 1906 and practiced law in Chicago until 1939, when he...

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Juvenile Protective Association records, 1897-1999

The Juvenile Court Committee was established in Chicago in 1904 by women reformers five years after they organized for the Cook County Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court Committee offered aid to dependent and delinquent children during the period before the Juvenile Court itself was able to take ...

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Lawndale Community Committee records, 1949-1975

Meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, legal documents, newsletters, press releases, newspaper clippings, neighborhood maps, publications, and other records of the Lawndale Community Committee (LCC), a Chicago (Ill.) neighborhood organization that sponsored programs and activities associated w...

Lenora Linson photograph collection, ca. 1900-1960 (bulk ca. 1930-1960)

Photographs by Lenora Linson, a Wisconsin native who resided in Chicago while a nurse at Cook County Hospital, located on Chicago's Near West Side. Images include nurses and doctors of Cook County Hospital on duty, live birth scenes, hospital equipment in use, hospital interiors, the Cook County ...

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Mary E. Murphy papers, 1921-1941

Mary E. Murphy (1883-1948) served as Director of the Elizabeth McCormick Foundation. Murphy was affiliated with Jane Addams and the foundation sponsored the Hull-House Open Air School located on the roof of the Mary Crane Building. The Mary E. Murphy Papers consist of correspondence.

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Maxwell Street film footage, 1992-2000.

Film footage showing vendors at their stands, shoppers and shopkeepers, visitors, and street musicians, and the landscape of the Maxwell Street neighborhood. Includes the 1994 last summer season at the original Maxwell Street Market. Steven Balkin of the Maxwell Street Historic Preservation Coali...

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Maxwell Street in Chicago (Ill.), 1936.

View of three children, two of whom are African American, and one white, seated on the running board of an automobile in the Maxwell Street area of Chicago (Ill.).

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Mildred Mead photograph collection, 1951-1958.

Photographs, nearly all by Mildred Mead, a photographer for the Metropolitan Housing and Planning Council, showing neighborhoods in Chicago (Ill.) targeted by the Metropolitan Housing and Planning Council for urban renewal. The photographs depict slum conditions, homes in revitalized areas (inclu...

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Photographs of Maxwell Street, [ca. 1930-1950]

Primarily includes images of Maxwell Street Market in Chicago, (Ill). Many images of children playing and posing for pictures, African Americans and Hispanic Americans playing musical instruments, and shopping. Many images of street musicians, peddlers selling their goods, poor persons sitting or...

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Photographs of Maxwell Street Market during its last season at original location, 1994.

Photographs by Dr. Steven Balkin, showing the last summer season at the original Maxwell Street Market. Images are primarily of vendors at their stands, shoppers, and street musicians playing instruments, photographer Jeffrey Fletcher, and images of Piano C. Red and his Flat Foot Boogie Band. Att...

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United Charities of Chicago collection of visual materials, [ca. 1909-1967]

Includes photoprints primarily relating to the activities, facilities, and people serving and using UCC. Activities show children in educational, play, camp, and health care settings, and participating in and receiving food service. Some scenes show infants and small children at Mary Crane and ot...

Wengler family and Wengler & Mandell Cigar Manufacturing Co. photograph collection, [ca.1870-1945]

Photographs relating to the Wengler family and to the Wengler & Mandell Cigar Manufacturing Company of Chicago (Ill.). Includes several mounted photographs showing activities at the Wengler & Mandell factory ca. 1910, including rows of workers rolling and packaging cigars and piles of tobacco lea...

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