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Chicago Committee of Fifteen. Records, 1909-1927

Also known as Manuscript Codex 1028, these twenty-six volumes were gathered for an investigation of Chicago crime, focusing on prostitution and the illegal sale of alcohol. Notes are from on-scene investigations, summaries of court records and newspaper clippings.

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Chicago Law and Order League records

Record of meetings of the Chicago Law and Order League, organized in 1904. Arthur B. Farwell served as president of the League and as secretary of the Hyde Park Protective Association, an organization with similar goals. During 1917, meetings were concerned chiefly with special bar tax permits, w...

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Gus Schaffer letters [manuscript], 1969-1976.

Letters of Schaffer, a member of Roger Touhy's Chicago bootleg gang in the 1930s, primarily written to Ron Martinetti, a New York author. Schaffer, who served 25 years at Stateville (under the name Peter Stevens) along with Touhy for the alleged 1933 kidnapping of John Factor, gives his opinions ...

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Hyde Park Protective Association records

Transcripts of letters and other documents about efforts to suppress the sale of alcoholic beverages and gambling in Hyde Park (ca. 60 pages; 1900-1902); minutes of the Hyde Park Protective Association, reports, newspaper clippings, circulars, etc. of the organization founded in 1890; copies of l...

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Lea Taylor papers

Correspondence, minutes, financial and statistical records, articles, sociological studies, arrangements for speaking engagements, and other papers of Lea Taylor, relating to her career as a social worker and head resident of the Chicago Commons settlement house, founded by her father Graham Tayl...