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Alliance to End Repression records, 1969-1986.

Correspondence, memos, announcements, meeting minutes, topical files, and constituent organization files of the Chicago-based Alliance to End Repression, a fifty-member consortium of churches, labor unions, human relations, and community groups, concerned with issues such as opposition to the dea...

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Anthony Sorrentino papers, part 1 and part 2

Part 1 contains biographical materials, correspondence, articles, manuscripts, reports, studies, minutes, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, photographs, and other papers of Anthony Sorrentino, a Chicago sociologist, scholar, and civic leader of Italian descent. Included are articles and reports wri...

Burgess, Ernest Watson. Papers, 1886-1966

Ernest Burgess(1886-1966), Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago, 1916-1952. Contains correspondence; manuscripts; minutes; reports; memoranda; research material that includes proposals, case studies, questionnaires, tables, and interviews; teaching and course materials, class record book...

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Burgess, Ernest Watson. Papers. Addenda, 1910-1966

Ernest W. Burgess (1886-1966), sociologist. The Burgess Papers Addenda documents Burgess' career as a Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago as well as his involvement in a variety of community, social, governmental and research organizations. The collection includes surveys, questio...

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Charlotte E. Senechalle papers, 1950-2001, bulk 1950-1990

Correspondence, board meeting minutes, research files, newspaper clippings, reports, observation notes, and other papers of Charlotte E. Senechalle, primarily relating to her work with school improvement and the conditions of the Cook County Department of Corrections. Included are materials regar...

Chicago Alliance for Collaborative Effort records

Correspondence, newsclippings, pamphlets, and other records of the Chicago Alliance for Collaborative Effort and of its Juvenile Justice Task Force, which worked to develop an integrated system of service delivery to youth, especially in the area of juvenile justice.

Chicago Area Project records

Correspondence, minutes, reports, clippings, newsletters, financial records, and research data of the Chicago Area Project, a community oriented program established in the 1930s for delinquency prevention and research, administered by Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay; plus related files of the...

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Chicago Citizens Police Committee. Records, 1929-1931

The Chicago Citizens' Police Committee, 1929-1931, was formed to investigate the Chicago Police Department. The results of the study were published in The Chicago Police Problems. The records include correspondence of Leonard D. White, second chairman and treasurer of the Committee; financial sta...

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Chicago Committee of Fifteen. Records, 1909-1927

Also known as Manuscript Codex 1028, these twenty-six volumes were gathered for an investigation of Chicago crime, focusing on prostitution and the illegal sale of alcohol. Notes are from on-scene investigations, summaries of court records and newspaper clippings.

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Chicago Federation of Labor records

Meeting minutes, 1903-1922, of the Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL); broadsides containing lists of dues paid by local unions to the CFL and other reports, 1911-1918; office files of the CFL, ca. 1890s-1940s, containing letters, notes, reports, etc., mostly during the presidency of John Fitzpatr...

Chicago Law and Order League records

Record of meetings of the Chicago Law and Order League, organized in 1904. Arthur B. Farwell served as president of the League and as secretary of the Hyde Park Protective Association, an organization with similar goals. During 1917, meetings were concerned chiefly with special bar tax permits, w...

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Chicago Law Enforcement Study Group records

Office files of the Chicago Law Enforcement Study Group, an organization which conducted research on criminal law and the court system in the 1970s and 1980s. Collection includes correspondence, organizational fundraising files, clippings, publications, reports, domestic violence project files, a...

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Chicago Woman's Aid records, 1903-1988

The Young Ladies Aid Society, organized in 1882, was incorporated by the State of Illinois in 1895 and renamed the Chicago Woman's Aid. The collection contains correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, minutes, and photographs dating from 1903 to 1988.

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Circuit Court of Cook County Retired Judges Oral History Project, 1996-2006

Interviews of retired Cook County judges. The collection includes transcripts and some audio cassettes or CDs.

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Citizens Alert records, 1967-2012

Citizens Alert was created in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois as an organization to help victims of police brutality. Since that time, it broadened its role into that of police watchdog group and sought to improve relations between the police and the communities they served.

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Clippings on Vice in Chicago, 1907-1911

Six scrapbooks of clippings, correspondence, and miscellanea, related to criminal and immoral activity in Chicago. Compiled by Alex W. Davison. Vol. 1: Clippings, 1907-1908 -- Vol. 2: Clippings, Dec. 1907-Dec. 1908 -- Vol. 3: Clippings, Dec. 1908-Jan. 1911 -- Vol. 4: Jan.-Sept. 26, 1909, Miss Gin...

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Edith and Grace Abbott collection, 1909-1951

Edith and Grace Abbott lived at Hull-House and were founders of the Immigrants' Protective League. The Edith and Grace Abbott collection consists of articles, book reviews, newspaper clippings, yearbook, letters, memorials, reports, addresses, and writings.

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Elmer Lynn Williams papers

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, autobiographical data, photographs, radio scripts, etc. of Elmer Lynn Williams, a Chicago minister. The materials chiefly relate to Williams' work against corruption and vice in Chicago, including information on his magazine Lightnin', the bombing of his house...

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Ernest A. Bell papers

Correspondence, minutes, newsclippings, and publications produced or received by Ernest A. Bell relating to his career as a Methodist clergyman, missionary to India in 1892-1894, and anti-prostitution crusader in Chicago from 1902 onward. Topics include various Protestant missionary societies in ...

Greater Lawndale Conservation Commission records, 1954-1968

The Greater Lawndale Conservation Commission was a community organization serving Chicago's central west side neighborhood of Lawndale. The collection consists of correspondence, minutes, programs, legal and financial records, clippings, and published material.

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Guide to the Fred E. Inbau (1909-1998) Papers, 1930-1998

The Fred E. Inbau Papers, spanning the years 1930 to 1998, document his work with the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, as a professor at NU's Law School, an opponent of the Miranda Act, and as a prolific writer and speaker.

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Guide to the Harry Olson (1867-1935) Papers, 1906-1940

The Harry Olson Papers date from 1906 to 1940, and include biographical, correspondence, and subject files, with correspondence comprising the bulk of the series. This series represents the surviving portion of a larger body of papers, half of which were irretrievably damaged by mold, damp, and v...

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Guide to the Leopold and Loeb Collection, 1894-1990

Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr. (November 19, 1904-August 29, 1971) and Richard Albert Loeb (June 11, 1905-January 28, 1936), often referred to as "Leopold and Loeb", were privileged and wealthy teenage University of Chicago students who murdered 14-year-old Robert "Bobby" Franks in 1924 in a des...

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Guide to the Records of the Citizens' Police Committee (Chicago), 1928-1933

The Citizens' Police Committee, formed in 1929, analyzed the staffing and organization of the Chicago Police Department. The Committee studied contemporary manpower and administrative issues and made recommendations for departmental reorganization based upon its study. The Committee worked with t...

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