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Abbott, Edith and Grace. Papers, 1870-1967

Edith Abbott received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1905 and was a resident of Hull House until 1920. She served as Associate Director of the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy at the University of Chicago and also served as dean. She died in 1957. Grace Abbott received her P...

Burgess, Ernest Watson. Papers, 1886-1966

Ernest Burgess(1886-1966), Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago, 1916-1952. Contains correspondence; manuscripts; minutes; reports; memoranda; research material that includes proposals, case studies, questionnaires, tables, and interviews; teaching and course materials, class record book...

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Burgess, Ernest Watson. Papers. Addenda, 1910-1966

Ernest W. Burgess (1886-1966), sociologist. The Burgess Papers Addenda documents Burgess' career as a Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago as well as his involvement in a variety of community, social, governmental and research organizations. The collection includes surveys, questio...

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Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit. Collection, 1911

The Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit was held 11-25 May, 1911. It was the largest and most comprehensive exhibition devoted to child welfare of its time. It sought to combat rising infant and child mortality in Chicago by raising awareness about health, education, and recreation.

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Davis, Allison. Papers, 1932-1984

Allison Davis (1902-1983), Professor of Education. The papers contain reprints, manuscripts, and annotated drafts, field notes and various interview data from key projects, correspondence and enclosures, research notes, and associated works by colleagues.

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Havighurst, Robert J.. Papers, 1921-1991

Robert J. Havighurst (1900-1991), professor and activist. Havighurst was an incredibly active researcher whose work spanned the disciplines of education, psychology, and sociology. He helped to found the Department of Human Development at the University of Chicago. The Havighurst papers primari...

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Hess, Julius Hays. Papers, 1843-1958

Julius Hays Hess (1876-1955) was a Chicago pediatrician. He practiced at Michael Reese Hospital and served as a professor of medicine at the University of Illinois. He was a pioneer in the care of premature infants and he is considered the father of American neonatology. The Julius Hays Hess Pape...

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Hooper, Frances. Papers, 1928-1976

Frances Hooper (1892-1986) was a journalist and advertising executive. She was founder and president of the Frances Hooper Advertising Agency. Hooper was also an author and avid collector of books and art. Correspondence, books, photographs, and notes in the collection reflect Hooper’s personal l...

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Talbot, Marion. Papers, 1854-1948

Contains the correspondence and papers of Marion Talbot, Assistant Professor of Sanitary Science, Associate professor of Household Administration, and Dean of Women at the University of Chicago from its inception in 1892 until her retirement in 1925.

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