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American Fur Company account book

Account book used at Michilimackinac (Michigan), relating to the conduct of the fur trade, primarily in the Old Northwest Territory and Lower Canada. Gives prices of supplies and merchandise, shipping, policies, and names of American Indians and other traders and suppliers.

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Billy Caldwell papers

Items by and about Billy Caldwell, including: Certification by Caldwell that Chamblee was a faithful companion during the late war, that he joined the celebrated warrior Tecumseh in 1807, have also witnessed his fidelity and courage on many occasions (1816 August 1, ALS, 1p.); Letter written from...

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Chicago's archaic history

Notes, clippings, maps, and drawings (some mounted in a scrapbook) relating to Native Americans of the Chicago (Ill.) area, their history, artifacts, and territory; homes of early Chicago settlers; and historic sites.

City of Chicago Maps, [ca. 1673-ongoing, bulk 1800-2000]

In the Research Center, please request a map by its author/title, category, date, and its number (if there is one). This is a collection of maps relating to the city of Chicago, or the area that was to become Chicago. Some maps include insets of more than one time period and this is indicated in ...

Collection about Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable

Collection of copied original documents by or about Chicago's first settler, Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, and research notes about him. Collection includes a memorandum about Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable's effects that were sent to Detroit (1784) and copies of entries from an account book of Det...

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Fort Dearborn (Chicago, Ill.) manuscript collection, 1808-1924.

A few original items (ca. 1808-1838) relating to Fort Dearborn, the U.S. Army fort at Chicago (Ill.); transcripts (usually typed) of original items found in repositories in Washington (D.C.) relating to Fort Dearborn and copied for the Chicago Historical Society (ca. 1892-93) by Daniel O. Drennan...

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Jean Baptiste Beaubien papers

Letters, business and political documents regarding Beaubien's career in Illinois. Includes the following: Letter written in Chicago to O.N. Bostwick, Agent for American Fur Co., St. Louis - directs Bostwick to oblige "Mr. Hubbard" with cash if he should want it, and charge same to Chicago. (ALS,...

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Joseph Hamzik papers, part 1

A sound recording covering the history of the Brighton Park community of Chicago from 1673 through 1905, written and narrated by Joseph Hamzik; plus a partial transcript of the recording, and various other items concerning Hamzik's efforts to document and publicize the history of Brighton Park.

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Long family papers

Reminiscences (2) relating to the Long family of Illinois. J. Henry Long's "Personal War Experiences" (53 p., leather bound volume), concerns his service in the Chicago Light Artillery, Battery A, during the Civil War, 1862-1865. The volume was dedicated to his beloved nephew and namesake Henry H...

William D. Barge papers

Memoranda and letters used in the preparation of Barge's history books, arranged according to subjects: John Connolly, Sub-agent of Indian Affairs at Galena, Ill., 1822-1832 (transcripts of letters); the beginnings of Illinois counties, place names, and boundaries; Illinois-Wisconsin boundary lin...

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