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Abraham Lincoln papers collection (at Chicago History Museum)

Correspondence, invitations, notes, and other documents written by or relating to Abraham Lincoln. Includes commentaries about Lincoln.

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Action Committee for Decent Childcare records, 1965-1973, bulk 1970-1972

Correspondence, proposals, contract lists, bulletins, speeches, directories, licensing reviews, one photograph, and photocopies of articles and clippings collected by the Action Committee for Decent Childcare (ACDC). Also included are materials on the Day Care Crisis Council of the Chicago Are...

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Adlai E. Stevenson collection of autograph documents

Scrapbook compiled by Mrs. Otto Madlener containing signed Stevenson photographs; newsclippings on his presidential campaigns (1952 and 1956); letters from Stevenson either addressed to Mrs. Madlener or purchased; signed copies of Stevenson's acceptance speech at the 1952 Democratic National Conv...

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Agnes Nestor papers, ca. 1880-1948, bulk 1896-1954

Correspondence, reports, pamphlets, clippings, passports, etc., arranged chronologically, and manuscript autobiography of Agnes Nestor, primarily relating to her career as a labor union leader in Chicago and official of the International Glove Workers Union of America, plus some items on h...

Albert and Vera Buch Weisbord papers

Typescripts by Albert Weisbord of articles, notes, and outlines relating to works of Marx and Engels; typescripts of Vera Buch Weisbord's autobiography: A Radical Life (pub. 1977), unpublished novels and short stories, sketchbooks, and paintings; and personal and career correspondence of the Weis...

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Allen Curtis Fuller papers

Biography of Fuller titled "Allen Curtis Fuller, the War Adjutant of Illinois," by Charles A. Church, chiefly concerning Fuller's service as Illinois Adjutant General during the Civil War and including commentary on his role in the 1860 presidential campaign, which included his debates with John ...

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Alliance to End Repression records, 1969-1986.

Correspondence, memos, announcements, meeting minutes, topical files, and constituent organization files of the Chicago-based Alliance to End Repression, a fifty-member consortium of churches, labor unions, human relations, and community groups, concerned with issues such as opposition to the dea...

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Alson S. Sherman family photograph album, ca. 1860-1869.

Portrait album of Sherman, mayor of Chicago in 1844-1845, and his wife Aurora. Also includes the following families: Bassett, Clark, Cogger, Dudley, Kingsley, Slyfield and Thompson. All portraits are individual and identified.

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Ann Landers collection of photographic materials, [ca. 1948-2000]

Images relating to the life and journalism career of Esther Pauline Lederer, famous as the nationally syndicated advice columnist "Ann Landers." Includes 5 scrapbooks and many publicity portrait photographs of Lederer at public speaking engagements and parties, as well as photographs of Lederer w...

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Archibald J. Carey papers

Correspondence and other papers relating to Carey's activities as a lawyer, politician, and alderman (1947-1955) of the 3rd ward in Chicago; member (1955-1961) of the President's Committee on Government Employment Policy; and pastor of Quinn Chapel (African Methodist Episcopal Church). Collection...

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Archibald J. Carey photograph collection, 1927-1966, bulk 1950-1959.

Photographs primarily from Carey's professional life as a lawyer and politician prior to his election as Cook County Circuit Court judge in 1966. Includes photos of Presidents Coolidge (with Rev. Archibald J. Carey, Sr.), Eisenhower and Nixon (prior to his presidency), and U.S. Senator Everett Di...

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Art Shay photograph collection, 1944-2002

The collection includes a wide variety of images depicting people in Chicago neighborhoods (such as Maxwell Street Market and a skid row along Madison Street), celebrities in Chicago and elsewhere, entertainers, politicians, gamblers, prisoners, authors, and other cultural symbols. Many ...

Arthur B. Farwell papers

Diaries, notes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings relating to Arthur B. Farwell, a prominent crusader against alcohol use, gambling (especially racetrack betting), political corruption and vote fraud, crime and vice in Chicago, especially in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Includes materials on...

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Arthur W. Mitchell papers

Correspondence, speeches, newsclippings, and other papers of Mitchell, who served as U.S. Congressman from the First Congressional District, Chicago (Ill.), 1935-1943. Mitchell was the first African American Democrat to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, and his papers contain many incom...

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Arthur W. Mitchell photograph collection, ca. 1930-1965.

Photographs relating to the life and career of Chicago resident Mitchell, U.S. Congressman from Illinois (1st Congressional district, Chicago, 1935-1943) and a prominent black leader.

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Barnes Crosby sample album, 1903-1912.

Includes photographs of Chicago produced by the Barnes Crosby Company for a display sample album. There are images of bodies of water, bridges, buildings (commercial, educational, governmental, religious, and social services), parks, stockyards, street views, transportation facilities, and zoos.

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Barnet Hodes papers

Correspondence, legal documents, writings by Hodes, newsclippings, film, and fliers on Hodes' career as a lawyer, Chicago Corporation Counsel, 1935-1946, and Democratic politician. Relates chiefly to city and state politics and government and plans to memorialize Revolutionary War hero Haym Salom...

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Barnet Hodes papers, part 2, 1931-1975 (partial inventory)

Correspondence, election materials, financial records, press releases, newspaper clippings, and other papers of Barnet Hodes, a prominent Chicago attorney and Democratic politician. Most of the collection relates to Hodes' involvement in city, state, and national politics, including his pa...

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Barnet Hodes photograph collection, ca. 1930-1969.

Primarily photoprints of Chicago 5th Ward Committeeman (for Hyde Park community) Barnet Hodes, other Chicago and national politicians and political events.

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Bennett M. Stewart papers

Correspondence, speeches, awards, and aldermanic campaign disclosure material of Stewart, Alderman of Chicago's 21st Ward from 1971 to 1978 and U.S. Congressman (Democrat) from the 1st Congressional District of Illinois from 1979 to 1980.

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Bennett M. Stewart photograph collection, [ca.1971-1985]

Visual materials relating to the political career of Bennett M. Stewart, 21st Ward Alderman, Chicago (Ill.), 1971-78 and 1st District U.S. Congressman. Includes portraits of Stewart and group portraits of Stewart with local and national political figures, as well as images documenting Stewart's i...

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Bernard Epton papers

Correspondence, press releases, statements, photographs, campaign ephemera, and other papers relating to Bernard Epton's 1983 campaign for Mayor of Chicago on the Republican Party ticket. Epton lost the election to Democratic candidate Harold Washington.

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Bernard Weisberg papers, 1939-2011, bulk 1964-1985

Correspondence, research files, legal documents, meeting minutes, newsletters, press releases, newspaper clippings, booklets, and other personal papers of Bernard Weisberg, a Chicago human rights lawyer. Materials relate to Weisberg's involvement with the 1970 Illinois Constitutional Con...

Bertha Baur papers

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, one scrapbook, Republican Party 1952 National Convention material, photographs, political campaign material, International Woman Suffrage Alliance conference photos, reports of Liquid Carbonic Co., photos of Chicago Post Offic e interior circa 1900, certificat...