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Charles Phineas Schwartz papers, 1915-1970

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Charles P. Schwartz (1887-1975) was an attorney, civic leader, and educator in the social welfare movement. Schwartz served as chairman of the State of Illinois Committee on Citizenship and Naturalization and wrote many pamphlets for new citizens. Schw...

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Ethel and Irene Kawin papers, 1923-1969

Irene Kawin was a probation officer of the Juvenile Court of Cook County from 1913 to 1962, serving as deputy chief beginning in 1927. Ethel Kawin was a child psychologist who directed the Pre-School Department of the Institute for Juvenile Research from 1925 to 1934. The collection contains corr...

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Florence Kelley collection, 1894-1981

Florence Kelley (1859-1932) was a social worker, reformer, lawyer, suffragist, and confirmed socialist. In 1891, she left her husband and moved to Chicago with her three children to become a resident of Hull-House. In 1892, Kelley was appointed by Governer Atgeld as the state's first chief factor...

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George Hooker papers, 1897-1914

This collection has a select number of writings by George Hooker.

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Graham Taylor Papers, 1820-1975

Works, correspondence, and family papers of minister, social worker, professor, and founder of Chicago Commons settlement house, Graham Taylor.

Harvey Lawrence Long papers, 1923-1964

This collection contains correspondence, clippings, minutes, maps, conference proceedings, photographs and speeches. The materials pertain to the issues of juvenile delinquency and the juvenile criminal justice system in Illinois.

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Henry P. Chandler papers, 1922-1978

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Henry P. Chandler (1880-1975) was a Chicago lawyer and the first director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. Chandler received his law degree from the University of Chicago in 1906 and practiced law in Chicago until 1939, when he...

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Juvenile Protective Association records, 1897-1999

The Juvenile Court Committee was established in Chicago in 1904 by women reformers five years after they organized for the Cook County Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court Committee offered aid to dependent and delinquent children during the period before the Juvenile Court itself was able to take ...

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Luda Watson papers, 1895-1900

The Luda Watson papers include correspondence with Jane Addams, records of clubs at Hull-House and newspaper clippings.

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Mary Bartelme papers, 1904-1958

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Part of the Midwest Women's Historical Collection. Mary Bartelme (1865-1954) was the first woman Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County assigned to the Juvenile Court. She held that position from 1923 until her retirement in 1933. Prior to being ele...

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