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Documentary photographs by students at University of Illinois at Chicago, 1983-1986.

Photographs submitted for Art & Design course 269 taught by Robert Stiegler at UIC, Spring 1986. Photographs primarily show street scenes in residential areas, focusing on Bridgeport, Lakeview and Pilsen communities. Some photographs depict small businesses or restaurants and their owners. Others...

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Haugh, Dolores. Riverview Amusement Park Collection, 1904-1975

Riverview Park archival records, including correspondence, accounts, publicity materials, concession contracts, minutes and reports, photographs, scrapbooks, clippings, and advertising materials, salvaged by Dolores Haugh from the abandoned park office one week before it burned down. Reports, min...

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P.A. Birren & Son Funeral Homes records, 1868-1943

Account books and other records of the P.A. Birren & Son Funeral Homes in Chicago (Ill.). The funeral business, later known as Birren Bros. and then as P.A. Birren & Son Funeral Homes, was founded in the early 1860s by Henry Birren and operated by Peter Birren, Alex Birren, and other famil...

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