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Changing Chicago project photographs by Jay Wolke, 1987.

Documentary photographs of Chicago's Maxwell Street Market district, an open-air flea market. Includes images of shoppers, pedestrians, vendors, peddlers, street musicians, and events. Photographs show primarily African American and Hispanic American people.

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Chicago Union Station Company Records, 1920-1958

Documents relating to Issue Series "C" bonds (printed volume, 1920), together with a file containing letters, memoranda, and other documents relating to vacations with pay authorized for war veterans returning from service with the armed forces, 1942-1958. Also an "M" series sinking fund bond, 1963.

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Liberty Drug Company photographs, [1884; 1922; ca. 1930-1961]

Photographs relating to the Liberty Drug store ca. 1884 to ca. 1960 and the Liberty Plaza Shopping Center 1960-1961 in Chicago, including interior and exterior views of the original store and the later shopping plaza. Most images date to the 1950s and 1960s and depict neighborhood customers and e...

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