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B. Heller & Co. Collection, 1896-2003

Founded by Benjamin Heller, whose family practiced sausage-making for generations, Chicago-based B. Heller & Co. began in 1893 as a wholesale manufacturer of dry powders used in the preparation of meat products. Over the years, the company expanded into the manufacture of a variety of food ingred...

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B. Heller & Co. collection of labels and photographs, 1926.

Collection includes spice package labels on sheets from B. Heller & Company. An album of black and white and hand colored photos depicts the company lab, factory, workers and products in 1926.

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Blatchford Family Papers, 1777-1987

Extensive collection of letters, photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, writings, and genealogical research materials centering around Chicago lead manufacturer, Newberry Library founding trustee, and Christian social activist Eliphalet Wickes Blatchford, his wife Mary Williams Blatchford, their paren...

Bowman Dairy Company collection of visual materials, [1885-1965, bulk 1900-1952]

Visual materials relating to the Bowman Dairy Company, processor and distributor of dairy products in the Chicago area, 1891-1966. Includes pictures of advertisements, advertising personalities and premiums, dairy operations, interior and exterior of Bowman owned buildings (distribution sites, mi...

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Bowman Dairy Company records

Financial, administrative, legal and personnel records, and advertising of Bowman Dairy Company and of some of its subsidiaries in the Chicago (Ill.) area, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, 1870-1966, and of Bowfund Corporation, an investment firm, 1966-1972. Topics include fluid milk proce...

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Central Manufacturing District photograph collection, 1939-1962.

Consists of views of industries located on 37th, 39th, and 47th Streets in the Central Manufacturing District (Chicago, Ill.). A wide range of industries are shown, including the box, chemical, food, furniture, lumber, machine, and metallurgical industries. The images show exterior views of the b...

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Changing Chicago photodocumentary archive, 1983-1989

Exhibition photographic prints and work photographic prints created for the Changing Chicago photodocumentary project sponsored by the Focus/Infinity Fund of Chicago. Includes the work of thirty-two commissioned photographers addressing topics spanning people (workers in various jobs, sc...

Changing Chicago project photographs by Bob Thall, 1987.

Documentary photographs of southeast Chicago to Gary (Ind.) show the decline of the steel industry and its effect on the landscape. Images concentrate on abandoned industrial plants, empty lots, gas stations, homes, railroads and waterways found in communities along Lake Michigan from 79th Street...

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Chiappetti Wholesale Meat Company plant, [ca. 1970-1972]

Video copy of an 8 mm. film showing the Chiappetti Wholesale Meat Company plant and lamb kill operations at the main plant and the "killing floor" at 3810 South Halsted in the Bridgeport community area of Chicago (Ill.).

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Chicago neighborhoods glass negative collection, ca.1890's, bulk 1895.

Primarily images of small businesses in Chicago neighborhoods taken by an unknown photographer, ca. 1895. Many of the photographs show the people who owned or were employed in these businesses. Included are views of grocery stores, barrooms, commercial laundries, barbershops, restaurants, pharmac...

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Dan Ryan Expressway exhibition photograph collection, 1982-1985.

Includes images documenting the Dan Ryan Expressway from the user's and observer's perspective. Includes photographs of vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, a motorcycle and the Rapid Transit elevated railroad. Some images show traffic accidents. Also includes photographs of structures adjacent ...

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Harry Flanders papers, 1885-1931, bulk 1900-1930

Correspondence, financial records, legal papers, diaries, photographs, medical papers, and other personal and professional papers of Harry L. Flanders, a Chicago leather tanner and trunk maker. Included are correspondence and other papers pertaining to Victoria Flanders, Harry Flanders’ wife. ...

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Joseph T. Ryerson collection of Chicago storefront and residence photographs, [ca. 1880-1885]

Mounted photographs of Chicago storefronts and residences with people, presumably business owners, residents, staff and/or patrons, informally posed in front of buildings. Businesses include bars and liquor stores, butcher shops, clothing stores and tailors, grocery stores, hardware and paint sto...

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Lawrence E. Dicke collection of Chicago storefront and residence photographs, ca. 1880-1885.

Mounted photographs and nitrate negatives of Chicago storefonts and residences with people--presumably business owners, residents, staff and/or patrons--informally posed in front of the buildings. Businesses include bars and liquor stores, butcher shops, clothing stores and tailors, grocery store...

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Leaf Brands, Inc., collection of visual materials, 1948, ca. 1955-1975

Product sales binders (3) containing photographs and other visual materials related to marketing and manufacture of candies, chewing gum, and novelty toys by Leaf Brand, Inc., in the United States and Japan; also original artwork and uncut boards of the company's trademarked "Spooky Stickers" and...

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Leaf Brands visual materials about Playboy Bunny Chocolates, [ca. 1966-1967]

Items related to Playboy Bunny Chocolates, manufactured and marketed by Chicago company Leaf Brands Inc., a candy, chocolate, and chewing gum manufacturer that licensed the Playboy Bunny logo from Playboy Enterprises. Includes a 1966 calendar; 7 publicity photographs of a Playboy Bunny posed with...

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Libby, McNeill & Libby records

Photocopies of miscellaneous payroll records of Libby, McNeill & Libby, which was created in 1868 by Archibald McNeill and the brothers Arthur Libby and Charles Libby. The company became on of the world's leading producers of canned food. Many of its cans of meat were sold in Europe, where they w...

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Liquid Carbonic Industries Corporation photograph collection, [ca. 1890-1989]

Visual materials documenting the LCIC, a company specializing in the manufacture of carbon dioxide and associated products. LCIC was founded in 1888 with its corporate headquarters and its main factory located in Chicago (Ill.). Includes exterior and interior views of factories and office buildin...

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Liquid Carbonic Industries Corporation records

By-laws, minutes, correspondence, transcripts of interviews, research files, press releases and other records of the Liquid Carbonic Acid Manufacturing Company, later known as Liquid Carbonic. The collection includes two volumes (1888-1903) of by-laws and minutes, 1980s centennial committee corre...

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Martha Logan photograph collection, [1948-1967]

Documents activities of Swift's Home Economics Division and team of home economists known under the trade name of Martha Logan. Includes Martha Logan advertisements (1933-1970), scenes of product testing and development in Chicago research kitchens, cooking classes, demonstrations and exhibits in...

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Photonegatives of Schlitz Brewing Company saloons in Chicago (Ill.), ca. 1900-1949.

Includes photographic images of buildings housing Schlitz Brewing Company-owned saloons that were often decorated with a belted globe and other identifying marks of the Schlitz Brewing Company. Most buildings are at street intersections and many have the intersection identified by name in the image.

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Prima Company photograph collection, [ca. 1920-1930]

Primarily photographs related to Prima Company, located at 825 West Blackhawk Street in Chicago, Illinois. Images show the building on Blackhawk Street (the plant closed on Oct. 1, 1941); Prima Brewing barrels; company interiors; and Prima company president and staff.

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Professional Women in Foodservice records

Meeting minutes, scrapbooks, club constitution and by-laws, membership records, program fliers, invitations, photographs, and other records of the Professional Women in Foodservice organization, formerly known as the Restaurant Women's Club of Chicago. The materials include two scrapbooks contain...

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Roland Hansen collection of visual materials, ca. 1938-1949.

Primarily original cartoons and drawings, which were executed by Hansen while he was a student at Chicago's Lane Technical High School and later during his employ by the Chicago Daily News. Includes comic illustrations for the school newspaper or yearbook regarding school activities and organizat...