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Alma Birmingham papers, 1907-1961

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Alma Birmingham was a Hull-House resident, a pianist and music teacher at the Hull-House Music School, 1922-42. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, recital programs, clippings and paintings. The materials pertain to music at Hull-House...

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Barbara Shipps' Hull-House collection, 1892-1978

The Barbara Shipps Hull-House Collection contains materials pertaining to Shipps' great aunts Eleanor and Gertrude Smith who served as Directors and Teachers at the Hull-House music school.

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Dora Nelson collection, 1917-1941

Part of the Jane Addams Memorial Collection. Part of the Midwest Women's Historical Collection. Dora Nelson was associated with Neva Leona Boyd and the recreation movement in Chicago. The collection contains sheet music, folk dance instructions, photographs, and one piece of pottery. It includes ...

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Gads Hill Center visual materials, ca. 1900-1970s

Visual materials primarily relating to the activities, facilities, and people serving and using the Gads Hill Settlement House. The bulk of the collection consists of images of children of all ages. Many of the photographic prints are small snapshots (3 x 5 in. or smaller). Activities show...