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Guide to the Baker Brownell (1887-1965) Papers, 1904-1965

Baker Brownell enjoyed a rich and varied career as a soldier, newspaper man, popular teacher and lecturer, prolific writer and minor power, and scholar concerned with the dynamics of both the "small community" and the larger "human community" of which it formed an important component. During his ...

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Guide to the Harold S. Hulbert Papers, 1920-1956

The Papers of psychiatrist Harold Hulbert include notes and correspondence pertaining to his examination of John Kammerer, a convicted murderer executed February 13, 1925; and statements, reports, and evidence Hulbert obtained as a consultant in the celebrated Leopold and Loeb murder case of 1924.

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Guide to the Harriet R. Mowrer (1899-) Papers, 1928-1978

The Harriet R. Mowrer papers fill two boxes and are arranged in seven subseries: correspondence, teaching files, case records, research files, professional organization files, speeches and papers, and publications. These are preceded by two folders of biographical materials including vitae, entri...

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Guide to the Northwestern University Settlement Association General Administrative Records, 1892-1995

The Northwestern University Settlement Association was founded in 1891 in a poor, primarily immigrant neighborhood on the near northwest side of Chicago to improve conditions and to help its residents through its clubs and classes, social events, camping programs, and relief and emergency service...

Guide to the Northwestern University Settlement Association Records Scrapbooks, 1917-1984

The Northwestern University Settlement Association was founded in 1891 by a group of administrators and faculty from Northwestern University in order to provide social services, educational programs, referrals, and emergency relief to a poor immigrant neighborhood on Chicago's near northwest side...

Guide to the William Montgomery McGovern (1897-1964) Papers, 1919-1967

McGovern joined the political science faculty of Northwestern University in 1929, staying with the University until his retirement in 1964. The William Montgomery McGovern Papers fill five boxes and span the period 1919-1967. They are arranged in five major categories: biographical materials; pro...

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