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Guide to the John Tinney McCutcheon Cartoons, 1895-1946

John Tinney McCutcheon (1870–1949) was a cartoonist on the staff of various Chicago newspapers, the Chicago Record (1889–1901), The Chicago Record-Herald (1901–1903), and the Chicago Tribune (1903–1946). He had an international reputation for his political cartoons and was awarded the Pulitzer pr...

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Guide to the Records of "Clara, Lu 'n' Em", 1923-2014

"Clara, Lu 'n' Em," one of the first radio soap operas (1930-1946), was created, written, and performed by three Northwestern University alumnae (Louise Starkey Mead, Isobel Carothers Berolzheimer, and Helen King Mitchell), who assumed the roles of small-town housewives exchanging gossip and opin...

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Guide to the Robert McClory (1932-2015) Papers, 1970-2015

Chicago journalist and author Robert (Bob) McClory wrote about race, class, and religion after graduating from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism in 1971, where he later taught. The Papers include biographical materials, teaching notes, research notes, and drafts of articles, as well as m...

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