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Chicago Central Communities Study photograph collection, 1970.

Photographs taken by Robert M. Lightfoot to accompany the Chicago Central Communities Study prepared for the Chicago Department of Development and Planning. Includes street views of commercial buildings, dwellings, and industrial buildings located on Chicago Avenue, Michigan Avenue, Oak street, a...

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John Kimmich photograph collection, 1979-1981.

Street scenes in Chicago's Loop area, near West and near North sides. Includes industrial settings, parking facilities, high-rise buildings and the spaces in between high-rises. Also includes street traffic, elevated railroad tracks, intersections, street cornerrs and bus stops. Signs, lighting, ...

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Prima Company photograph collection, [ca. 1920-1930]

Primarily photographs related to Prima Company, located at 825 West Blackhawk Street in Chicago, Illinois. Images show the building on Blackhawk Street (the plant closed on Oct. 1, 1941); Prima Brewing barrels; company interiors; and Prima company president and staff.

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