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57th Street Art Fair collection of visual materials, 1947-2001.

Photographs of artwork, judging activities, and general views of the annual 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago (Ill.). Also includes posters, generally by Hyde Park community artists, advertising the fair in various years; collection contains most post posters from the Fair's inception in 1948 throu...

57th Street Art Fair. Records, 1964-2007

This collection contains the planning and promotional materials for the 57th Street Art Fair, including meeting minutes, reports, posters, textiles, banners and buttons.

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Album of photographs of the Woman's Building at the World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago, Ill.), 1893.

Shows material on exhibit in the Woman's Building including handiwork, crafts, paintings, silver, furniture, statues, flowers, and clothing. There are no exterior views of the building.

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Alice Fordyce photograph collection, 1933-1934.

Includes photographs of Century of Progress murals, sculpture and architectural decorations created by Chicago artists Lorado Taft, Edouard Chassaing, Alfonse Iannelli, John Norton, and other nationally known artists. Also includes photographs of two Parisian doorways in the art deco style by Fre...

C.D. Arnold photograph albums of World's Columbian Exposition construction, 1891-1892.

Photographs depict the construction of exhibition buildings at various stages of completion, the creation of sculptural ornament, and tradesmen in the process of work or posed informally on construction sites.

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Century of Progress pin-up girl photographs, [1933-1934]

Images of two young women in bathing suits posing on a beach and next to a sign that reads "Swimming Prohibited," with the General Motors Pier in the background. Photos were taken by Kaufmann & Fabry Co., 425 South Wabash Ave, Chicago (Ill.). The bottom of each print is labeled "A Century of Prog...

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Hedrich-Blessing photograph collection, part 1, [ca. 1929-1989, bulk 1933-1969]

Photographic archives of the first 40 years of work produced by Hedrich-Blessing, a Chicago photography studio that specializes in architectural and design photography. Images primarily show interior and exterior views of buildings and structures, including office buildings, industrial buildings,...

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Hilda Goldblatt Gorenstein collection, 1933-1934

Hilda Goldblatt (later Gorenstein) was a marine artist from Chicago who painted twelve murals a Navy exhibit at the 1933-34 World's Fair in Chicago. The collection consists of a photocopy of two newspaper clippings and a photocopy of a copy of some of the artist's murals.

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Jackson's famous pictures of the World's fair, 1894 June 2.

Includes general and specific views of the World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago).

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Photograph album of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893.

Photographs of unidentified exhibits at the World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago). Includes exhibits containing paintings, sculpture, objects from European countries (notably France and Germany). Many exhibits may be in the Women's Building.

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United States Government War Exposition photograph album, 1918 Sept. 2-15.

Photographs of advertisements, structures, events, panoramic views of crowds and grounds of the exposition held in Chicago's Grant Park. Includes scenes of booths regarding the American Red Cross and food conservation. One scene shows a Salvation Army facility in the trenches. Soldiers are shown ...

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