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Changing Chicago photodocumentary archive, 1983-1989

Exhibition photographic prints and work photographic prints created for the Changing Chicago photodocumentary project sponsored by the Focus/Infinity Fund of Chicago. Includes the work of thirty-two commissioned photographers addressing topics spanning people (workers in various jobs, sc...

Maxwell Street film footage, 1992-2000.

Film footage showing vendors at their stands, shoppers and shopkeepers, visitors, and street musicians, and the landscape of the Maxwell Street neighborhood. Includes the 1994 last summer season at the original Maxwell Street Market. Steven Balkin of the Maxwell Street Historic Preservation Coali...

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Photographs of Maxwell Street, [ca. 1930-1950]

Primarily includes images of Maxwell Street Market in Chicago, (Ill). Many images of children playing and posing for pictures, African Americans and Hispanic Americans playing musical instruments, and shopping. Many images of street musicians, peddlers selling their goods, poor persons sitting or...

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Photographs of Maxwell Street Market during its last season at original location, 1994.

Photographs by Dr. Steven Balkin, showing the last summer season at the original Maxwell Street Market. Images are primarily of vendors at their stands, shoppers, and street musicians playing instruments, photographer Jeffrey Fletcher, and images of Piano C. Red and his Flat Foot Boogie Band. Att...

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Street types of Chicago: character studies photograph collection, 1891.

Studio portraits of people commonly seen on the street in Chicago (Ill.) photographed with objects of their occupations. Subjects include repairmen, newspaper boys, beggars, street musicians, ethnic stereotypes, poor people, etc.

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