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Eastland disaster photograph album by Jun Fujita, 1915 July.

Includes album of views (53 photographs) of the Eastland, a steamship that capsized in the Chicago River on July 24, 1915, and the clean-up following the disaster, showing rescue methods, underwater divers, recovered bodies, overviews of groups of corpses, and crowds of on-lookers.

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Eastland disaster photograph collection, 1915 July 24-Aug.

Contact prints of Eastland ship disaster, which occurred 24 July, 1915, when the whale-back steamer taking Western Electric plant workers and their families for a cruise on Lake Michigan overturned in the Chicago River near the LaSalle Street bridge. Images include views of removal of bodies, tem...

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Jun Fujita negatives collection

Views of the 1919 Race Riots in Chicago (Ill.); the St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1929); bridge construction, farm scenery, Chicago skylines, Lincoln Park Zoo, various railroad lines; other topics; and portrait negatives of Al Capone, John Alden Carpenter, Albert Einstein, Colonel Fabynn, J. L. K...