The initial release of Explore Chicago Collections was built with input from the following staff of Chicago Collections member institutions.

Portal Committee

Established the design principles for Explore Chicago Collections and provided detailed design for the administrative tools.

  • Kate Flynn, Chicago Collections Portal Manager (Co-Chair)
  • Tracy Seneca, University of Illinois at Chicago (Co-Chair)
  • Charles Blair, The University of Chicago (Co-Chair)
  • Allan Berry, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Dana Lamparello, Chicago History Museum
  • Jim LeFager, DePaul University
  • Nathaniel Parks, The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Rachel Shaevel, Chicago Public Library
  • Adam Strohm, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Esther Verreau, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Jen Wolfe, The Newberry Library

Controlled Vocabulary Task Force

Established the browsing terminology used in Explore Chicago Collections.

  • Kate Flynn, Chicago Collections (Chair)
  • Maryam Fakouri, Columbia College Chicago
  • Dan Harper, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Margaret Heller, Loyola University
  • Tami Leudtke, DePaul University

Cooperative Reference Network

Provides the instructional materials available via the site and continues to manage ongoing research questions submitted via the site.

  • Megan Bernal, DePaul University (Co-Chair)
  • Ellen Keith, Chicago History Museum (Co-Chair)
  • Annie Armstrong, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Alexis Burson, DePaul University
  • Jo Ellen Dickie, The Newberry Library
  • Sean Elliot, Chicago Public Library
  • Val Harris, University of Illinois at Chicago

Portal Development Team

Built both Explore Chicago Collections and the administrative tools used to contribute to it.

  • Esther Verreau, University of Illinois at Chicago (Technical Lead)
  • Allan Berry, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Kate Flynn, Chicago Collections/University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Tracy Seneca, University of Illinois at Chicago

Content Committee and Other Content Contributors

Provided project support, expertise, and insight from the earliest stages of the initiative and throughout the project, and devoted time to making their organization's materials accessible via Explore Chicago Collections.

  • Martha Briggs, Newberry Library
  • Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University
  • Peggy Glowacki, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Ashley Gosselar, The University of Chicago
  • Benn Joseph, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Kevin Leonard, Northwestern University
  • Heidi Marshall, Columbia College Chicago
  • Dan Meyer, The University of Chicago
  • Laura Mills, Roosevelt University
  • Gretchen Neidhardt, Chicago History Museum
  • Jamie Nelson, DePaul University
  • Johanna Russ, Chicago Public Library
  • Bart Ryckbosch, The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Kathy Young, Loyola University Chicago

Additional Contributors

A special thanks to the designers and experts at Jell Creative for their work on the Explore Chicago Collections interface and organizational branding. Thank you also to Dawne Tortorella, who served as a consultant on the initial planning grant for this project. Thanks also to additional contributions from Mike Weir and all past participants of the committees that have been mentioned here.

Chicago Collections Leadership and Member Staff

The vision for Explore Chicago Collections and the ongoing of the Chicago Collections current and past Board of Directors brought this project to fruition. Members of the Board include:

  • Greta Bever, Assistant Commissioner, Chicago Public Library
  • Sarah M. Pritchard, Dean of Libraries and Charles Deering McCormick University Librarian, Northwestern University
  • Sharon L. Bostick, Dean of Libraries, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • David Spadafora (Chair), President and Librarian, The Newberry Library
  • Jack Perry Brown (Past Member), Director Emeritus, The Art Institute of Chicago’s Ryerson and Burnham Libraries
  • Robert A. Seal, Dean of University Libraries, Loyola University of Chicago
  • Mary M. Case (Immediate Past Chair), University Librarian, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Scott Walter, University Librarian, DePaul University
  • Jan Chindlund, Library Dean, Columbia College Chicago
  • Linda P. Wilkinson, Assistant Provost for Libraries, Roosevelt University
  • Judith Nadler, Director Emerita, The University of Chicago

Additional thanks is extended to Chicago Collections Executive Director, Jaclyn Grahl, along with staff throughout member institutions and participants on the organization’s committees.


Chicago Collections is grateful to The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and an anonymous donor for their generous support in the formation of this organization and Explore Chicago Collections.