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Albert Mindlin photograph album, [ca. 1900-1925]

Photograph album assembled by Albert Mindlin, a Chicago dentist, showing scenes of family life, with special emphasis on children and recreational gatherings at parks and beaches. Sporting activities that appear in the images include swimming, rowing, tennis, and bicycling. Also includes some dom...

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American Women's Voluntary Services visual materials

Primarily photographs of nurseries in Chicago and in Hines (Ill.), staff and volunteers, military personnel, and various activities, such as fundraisers and book drives of the American Women's Voluntary Services (AWVS). Also present are AWVS Christmas cards.

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Augustana Hospital photograph collection, ca. 1920-1970.

Primarily students, staff and facilities of Augustana Hospital School of Nursing.

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Boston system of dentistry negative collection, ca. 1930s.

Activities and structures relating to the Boston system of dentistry as practiced in Chicago. Includes interiors: scenes of waiting rooms, dentists and a female attendant working with patients and a tooth extraction. Also includes exteriors of offices at 412 E. 47th Street, 6306 and 6311 S. Halst...

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Camp Grant photograph album, ca.1917-1918.

Interior and exterior views of the Camp Grant base hospital, Rockford, Ill. Interior views show patient wards, officers quarters, dining rooms, kitchen, dispensary, medical wards, examining rooms, operating rooms, clinics, laboratory, equipment, etc. Exterior views show administrative buildings, ...

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Changing Chicago project photographs by Thomas Hocker, 1987-1988.

Documentary photographs of the Hispanic population in East Chicago (Ind.). People are shown eating; working as laborers or repairing cars; participating in recreational activities, such as parades and weight training; in an operating room; and at a wedding.

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The Chicago Community Trust collection of visual materials, 1893-1959, bulk 1910-1939.

Visual materials primarily relating to the Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund, a Chicago philanthropic organization which merged into The Chicago Community Trust in 1961. Subjects include adult and children's programs, including the Open-Air Schools, 1910-1918; parent nutrition training, social wo...

Chicago Council on Community Nursing photograph collection, [ca. 1960s]

Primarily unidentified photographs of council affairs, plus many photos of nurses at work in hospitals and in the field.

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Chicago Council on Community Nursing records, 1919-1971

Correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, financial reports, policies and procedures, academic papers, speeches, training materials, newspaper clippings, and other records of the Chicago Council on Community Nursing (CCCN) and its predecessor, the Central Council on Nursing Education. Most of ...

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Chicago Department of Health photograph collection, 1984-1987.

Primarily public relation photographs of department activities. Includes pictures of Mayor Harold Washington and Health Commissioner Lonnie C. Edwards while public speaking, or participating at events such as the department anniversary. Includes a few scenes at department administered clinics--a ...

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Chicago Hearing Society photograph collection, 1910-1982.

Over 300 images that chronicle the history of the Chicago Hearing Society (CHS), which include various activities (bazaars, costume parties, plays and other entertainment productions, camping trips, CHS anniversaries, etc.), lipreading classes from ca. 1938 to ca. 1973 taught by Torrey and other ...

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Chicago neighborhoods glass negative collection, ca.1890's, bulk 1895.

Primarily images of small businesses in Chicago neighborhoods taken by an unknown photographer, ca. 1895. Many of the photographs show the people who owned or were employed in these businesses. Included are views of grocery stores, barrooms, commercial laundries, barbershops, restaurants, pharmac...

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Children's Memorial Hospital support groups' records

Auxiliary Board minutes (1908-14, 1921-50), Dept. of Nursing and School of Pediatric Nursing reports (1932, 1940-46), Social Service Committee minutes (1911-15, 1935-52), news clippings (1920-43, 1950-77), press releases (1965-77), and other files of Children's Memorial Hospital (Chicago, Ill.) s...

Claude A. Barnett collection of visual materials

Primarily photoprints of Afro-Americans collected during Barnett's career as founder and director of the Chicago-based Associated Negro Press (1919-1964), some images photographed by Gordon Parks. Includes Black events and significant personalities in diverse fields supplied to the ANP for distri...

Claude A. Barnett papers

Correspondence, clippings, reports, minutes, speeches, and financial records of Claude Albert Barnett, the director of the Associated Negro Press (ANP); news releases of the ANP (1928-1964) and of the World News Service (1961-1963). Topics include African American newspapers and journalists; coll...

Dr. Alfred Marion Shaw papers

Correspondence, deeds, certificates, a 1910 program from the Rush Medical College graduation, tax receipts, probate documents, membership cards to the Masons and Templars, and a 1941 account book all related to Dr. Alfred Marion Shaw. The collection also contains a 1913 Spy Yearbook of Kenosha Hi...

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Dr. Frank Rubovitz photograph collection, [ca. 1940s]

Includes photographs of military personnel building rafts for transport of casualties across water barriers. Also present is a pamphlet, "A Field Expedient Method for Transporting Casualties across Water Barriers," by Frank E. Rubovitz.

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Dr. Robert H. Babcock papers, 1876-1938

Personal papers of Dr. Robert H. Babcock, a blind Chicago physician, include of a book of memoirs about his boyhood written by his mother, Emily (Hall) Babcock; 5 folders of letters he wrote (typed) to his parents while he was a medical student in Germany from 1880-1883; miscellaneous corresponde...

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Drs. Edmund T. Allen and Abby Dyer Allen medical practice records

Two ledger books from the medical practice of Drs. Edmund T. Allen and Abby (Abbie) Dyer Allen, mostly describing their examinations with patients suffering from eye ailments. Also included are photocopies from Chicago Medical Directory identifying their biographical backgrounds.

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Edmund Andrews papers

Letters, postcards, notes and pamphlets from doctors and medical itinerants relative to the treatment of haemorrhoids plus a reprint of "The Cure of Haemorrhoids by the Hypodermic Syringe" from the Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner, May 1879, by Andrews: Folder 1, 1878-February 1879 ; folder 2...

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Edward L. Holmes biographical collection

Autobiographical notes written by Dr. Edward L. Holmes and his son; Scrapbook with newsclippings and journal articles about Holmes life and work in the medical field, genealogical notes, and obituaries and memorial items related to Holmes death.

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Englewood Hospital records, ca. 1909-1988.

Administrative records of Englewood Hospital Association (later known as the Englewood Community Hospital Corporation) in Chicago (Ill.), including minutes of the board of directors and minutes of the St. George Hospital Corporation which absorbed Englewood Hospital between 1969 and 1978; incomin...

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Ernst Schmidt papers

Papers of Ernst Frederich Felix Schmidt, who was a Bavarian-born, Chicago (Ill.) physician, first coroner of Cook County (Republican), and supporter of the Haymarket Riot defendants. Materials include student medical notebooks, 1850-1851 (5 v.), for lectures given by Professors Virchow, Leydig, a...

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Eunice Deter photograph collection, 1916-1918.

Includes an album of photographs related to the Englewood Hospital School of Nursing, Chicago (Ill.), created by Eunice Deter, who was a student there. Images show student nurses and their activities at the school, as well as doctors, patients, and a view of the Englewood Hospital building; also ...

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